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Making the sailing world more sustainable by the largest sail cleanup in the world!


Shop used sails, demo sails and new sails in our marketplace. There are new offerings on a daily basis. Save on your budget! Or get instant delivery of a replacement sail, so you can continue your journey.

Resail sailcloth

Don’t leave old sails for trash. It has value to other sailors and for our partners. It can be part of a new lifecycle. Help us to reduce the carbon footprint of the sailing industry for a better planet. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible to buy or sell a used sail.


Support our mission, buy our products!

Made of sails and sail materials that could have become waste, locally produced by our partners. Treat yourself with a nice present.


Upcycling sail material is one of the best sustainable uses. Saving energy and reducing the use of virgin raw material.


Research into Recycling!

The industry has a huge ecological footprint using big plants, lots of chemicals and recycling is not part of their business model. For the future of our planet and the watersports industry, we need to change this. 

Industry has a huge ecological footprint

When all options of re-use are gone, we close the circle and bring sail material back to raw material. Research with our partners is promising, we expect to close the loop soon.