Buying used spinnakers and gennakers

Used Spinnakers and Gennakers

Adding a spinnaker (symmetrical) or gennaker (asymmetrical) to your sailboat can dramatically enhance performance downwind. However, these sails can be a significant investment. For those looking to upgrade their sailing experience with spinnakers or gennakers, used or pre-owned offers can be an attractive alternative.


Some initial questions: Is your boat equipped with spinnaker boom and sheet arrangements? Do you opt for just downwind, or is reaching an option? Spinnakers come in many forms. Question yourself how experienced you and your crew are? When purchasing a used spinnaker, it’s crucial to inspect it for wear and tear, particularly around the seams and corners, which endure the most stress. 


A hybrid between a genoa and a spinnaker, provides versatility and ease of handling. They are asymmetrical, allowing for better performance on a broader range of wind angles compared to spinnakers. Used gennakers are often in good condition, because they tend to experience less strain. Look for sails with minimal sun damage and ensure the fabric is still crisp and durable.

Buying used sails not only saves money, but also supports sustainable practices by extending the life of these high-quality materials. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a newcomer eager to enhance your sailing adventures, investing in used spinnakers and gennakers can provide you with the performance boost you need at a fraction of the cost.

Embrace the wind, and let your sails guide you to new horizons!

Resail, there is always a second life for sails!