Upcycling, Bags, Bags, Bags or?

Roltas detail scaled 1

Upcycling of sails has been started by various sailmakers back in the 90’s. The offering usually includes a variety of bags but also deck chairs, lamps and clothing are produced. Some initiatives have been successfully upscaled into supplying very nice products to retailers in the US and EU.

Resail® has taken a different approach to upcycling:

By partnering with 8beaufort.hamburg we now have multiple shops in the Netherlands that sell beautiful sneakers that are produced sustainably in Portugal.

Printing pictures on sails with a heritage has given us a merchandising partnership with The Ocean Race; art is a super way of getting a message across.

Werksaam produces upcycled bags for us, while at the same time giving jobs to people who have challenges towards the labour market. WerkSaam received the price for “Best Government Organisation 2022”.

Resail, there is always a second life for sails!